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For those looking for the thrill of the challenge and the pleasure of fatigue during their holidays, for those who love to challenge themselves and overcome unexpected difficulties, for those who love outdoor sports and suggestive spaces. To all of these Torgnon has something special to offer.

During the summer months, but also in spring and autumn, a dense network of paths accompany the pass up to the high peaks of Cima Bianca, Becca d'Aver, Méabé and Punta Tsan, the Col des Bornes or the Lo Ditor pond. Many of these tracks and the countless country roads are also ideal for mountain biking and horseback riding. While the more daring can try their hand at rock walls and paragliding flights.

In winter, of course, snow is the real star of our mountains.

The choice is yours to live it as you wish.

Torgnon offers downhill skiing lovers slopes that wind for 25 kilometers, all with artificial snow. These are wide and safe tracks capable of welcoming even less experienced skiers and children. But fun is also guaranteed to those who practice competition or love to perform on the snowboard.

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The cross-country trails, with panoramic loops of 3 - 5 - 7.5 - 10 and 20 kilometers of varying difficulty, are among the largest in the Aosta Valley. The Grandes Montagnes slope, which can also be reached by cable car, offers an incomparable view of the Matterhorn. The connection of the La Maisonnette track with the Verrayes track guarantees a 40 km circuit that can be used with a single ticket. For beginners, the starting point is the Plan Prorion pitch.

(3 -7,5 – 10 km.)

The Maisonnette slope offers a very beautiful, fun and technical itinerary, enough to satisfy the different skiers. The route goes into the woods on a path that cuts through the side of the mountain, gradually reaching the 1774 meters of the Col des Bornes (turning point of the ring). Here the gaze opens onto the central valley. For the 10 kilometer ring, continue towards a clearing in the woods which then returns to the hill and from here to the starting point.


From Plan Priorion, heading north, you reach the spectacular Grandes Montagnes slope (also accessible by cable car). It is a very long, fully beaten path that leads to the Loditor pond and from here to Gilliarey.

The route runs along the country road which in summer leads to the mountain pastures and offers a suggestive landscape to the eye: on the right, the town of Torgnon and opposite the Matterhorn. Once you reach the lake, you can continue with a stretch of good ascent and reach the 2169 meters of Gilliarey, one of the most panoramic points in the whole area. To the south you can admire the valley floor, to the north the imposing silhouette of the Matterhorn, below the Valtournenche basin. From here the Plateau Rosa with its eternal snows will seem close at hand.

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Our area offers ski mountaineering lovers itineraries of the highest level. These are mountains of some importance, such as the Dome de Tsan.

Before leaving, it is advisable to ask the mountain guides for advice and check the weather and snow conditions.


Col de Fort itinerary

The hill is located on the ridge between Punta Tsan and Becca di Salè and is made up of a depression that connects the Chateau basin with the sunken valley that descends towards Lake Cignana. Just below the hill stands the Bivacco Rivolta.

Departure: Etirol 1600

Arrival: Col de Fort 2906

Difference in height: 1306

Difficulty: good skiers

Recommended period: February - April

Itinerary Dome of Tsan

Suggestive and demanding, the excursion starts from Etirol

Departure: Etirol 1600

Arrival: Dome de Tsan 3351

Difference in height: 1751

Difficulty: good skiers

Recommended period: February - April

Itinerario Fenetre de Tsan

A very long but still easy and accessible itinerary.

Departure: Etirol 1600

Arrivo: Fenetre de Tsan 2736

Difference in height: 1136

Difficulty: good skiers

Recommended period: February - April

Cima Bianca itinerary

The itinerary retraces the route of the excursion to Fenetre de Tsan up to the Tsan bivouac. From here, go up a steep but short slope on the left which, after passing a rocky hump, leads into a wide flat valley.

Departure: Etirol 1600

Arrival: Cima Bianca 3009

Difference in height: 1409

Difficulty: good ski mountaineers

Recommended period: February - April

La fenetre d’Ersa itinerary

Easy point of connection between the Torgnon and Valtournenche valleys, it is particularly appreciated as a panoramic observation point on the Cervino basin and on the glaciers of Plateau Rosa.

Departure: Etirol 1600

Arrival: Fenetre d’Ersa 2290

Difference in height: 690

Difficulty: medium skiers

Recommended period: December - March

Specific and suggestive itineraries are practicable by hikers with snowshoes.

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At the arrival of the Mongnod-Chantorné cable car, in the sunny valley of Chantorné, the winter park is the main attraction for the little ones but not only, the play area has two treadmills, the school field and various tracks for donuts, snakegliss and zibob.

The baby area includes inflatable slides, trampolines, rotocube, carousel carousel, climbing structures and various equipment with slides and swings, admission € 7.00 or return package + park admission € 14.00.

Inside the Playground, the Big Air Bag (inflatable of 25 × 15 meters) for fun descents with tubby ... you pay per descent: 5 descents € 5.00, 10 descents € 8.00 (cable car excluded) .

It is also possible to buy the skipass with entrance to the park.

It is advisable to contact the lifts in advance to check which attractions are in operation.

Set up in Chantorné, at 1900 meters above sea level and served by a four-seater chairlift, the Snowpark with its 300 meters in length offers snowborders the opportunity to try their hand at jumps, somersaults and twists.