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Torgnon Pure Emotion


Torgnon Wild Nature

Tour Science project 


Torgnon Wild Nature

10 proposals to discover nature

Cycling in Torgnon

Tour des Alpages, Easy Downhill…

Winter in Torgnon

Lots of sport and fun for everyone

Torgnon Pure Emotion

A winter of emotions


Our Christmas tree

Torgnon, Piazza Frutaz – December 2020

Torgnon Pure Emotion

Emotions all year round!

Torgnon Equestrian events

Endurance e Jumping in fairytale landscapes

Wine & Cheese Emotion

Tour to discover local wines and cheeses

Torgnon: Cross-country runs

40 kilometres of tracks among beautiful panoramas

Torgnon: happy children

Many activities for the enjoyment of the little ones

We learn to ski

With our amazing ski instructors!

The Winter Park of Torgnon

Descents with bob, inflatable rings… and school camp

Fun at the Winter Park

Exciting descents on the inflatable rings

Let’s land on the Big Air Bag!

Torgnon Winter Park

Flying over the white Torgnon

Winter 2021

Weekend with the Champion

Torgnon welcomes the great names of skiing

Weekend with the Champion

Ski VIPs on the slopes and in pubs – Torgnon 17/18

In time and in the heart

Many memories from 1980 to 2010

New Year’s Eve in Torgnon

Music with GMJ Radio 2015

Same places, different times

By Guido Raimondo and Cesare Cossavella

Torgnon 2012 ITALIANO


Torgnon 2012 FRANÇAIS


Torgnon 2012 ENGLISH